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Monday, October 31, 2011

Reading While You Boogie!

A little after Chunks's 1st birthday, a friend of mine gave him a book that her husband swore was a temper tantrum tamer called, Tickle Monster by Josie Bissett ::SideNote: Josie is the mother of good-girl gone high school, Grace Bowman on one of my guilty pleasure shows The Secret Life of the American Teenager and better known for her role as Ms Jane Mancini of Melrose Place, so this added to the appeal a bit:: Sounded cute so we added it to the nap time routine and Chunks fell in love with all the tickling and moving in that story that he would just start tickling me at any given time. Needless to say, it was a HIT for our household!

Imagine my excitement when I heard Josie had done it again! A few days ago I was invited by the fab ladies of Divalysscious Moms to to check out Josie's new book, just in time for Halloween, Boogie Monster.
The fab Lyss Stern of Divalysscious Moms and Josie Bissett
So I took an early lunch and met the ladies down at the very happy baby gym MoonSoup, if you are looking for a warm and high energy place to keep little one busy on the Upper West Side, def check the place out.

Boogie Monster is a fun and interactive book that can get the whole family up and moving! The bright and colorful illustration gets the kid's attention and the complete dance kit comes with a CD and fuzzy leg warmers to get everyone in on the Boogie Business. Create new moves and tons of laughs with this new addition, sure to wear little ones out at nap time, EXTRA BONUS!!

Photos: Heidi Green Photography

Oh No the No's!!

I can honestly say that Chunks is a pretty good kid. Not much of a tantrum thrower and the ones he does pull don't last that long or it's because he's tired or sick, I don't really care for dramatics and I think he gets it. I never did the Goo-Goo Gaa-Gaa bit with him I just spoke to him like a normal person, maybe in a cuter voice, and hoped he caught on.

Well....nowadays he's catching on alright and his favorite word?? How'd you guess?
Me: Hey Chunks you want to come finish your dinner?
Chunks: No. Icey!

Me: Chunks did you miss the potty? (when he doesn't use it and I have stinky proof)
Chunks: No.
Me: Are you lying?
Chunks: NO! (then cracks up and reaches for his diaper)

Me: Alright Chunks, time for bed.
Chunks: No, 'tory. (story)
Me: No, no more stories tonight.
Chunks: Nooooo! (catches himself) Mommy, you d' beST! (hugs Mom and she's suckerd into 1 more Thomas the Train story)

He's speaking his mind and telling me what he wants and def what he does NOT want lol and you gotta respect it. But I can't wait until there's a 'Yes' period and these no's are gone, ugh.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Growing Up Being Mom

If someone does something to me that I don't care too much for I, 9 times out of 10 (depending how drastic the 'thing' was), will brush it off to the side and ignore it but if I ever saw someone bullying someone or just picking on a person who, for whatever reason, couldn't defend themselves it's very rarely that I will keep quiet. Taking care of others has always come naturally and defending the "weaker" always just seemed like the right thing for me but I'll ignore something that irritates me rather than argue it, weird huh?

Well anyway...I said all that because I've also always been the midnight cruncher while adamantly advising friends and family to start their big projects early. Some of my best research papers were written and typed (reference list included) at 3am when the report was due by 9a. While not always the best schedule I made it work for myself and then cursed myself for always being tired. Since becoming a mom schedules and routines are my life because I have a need for Chunks to have consistency. Now that I have a pre-schooler who gets homework every week I've decided that routines and schedules need to be re-inforced even more, so that Chunks gets used to doing things a little more efficiently than his Momma. Here's what our days look like now:

Mom picks Chunks up from school
After-School snack and quick catch up on the life of a 2 year old
HOMEWORK at his "desk"
Nick Jr time/Mom makes dinner
Bath time
Story time
Nite Nite

Now not everyday is this fluid but so far most evenings are running pretty smooth. Now that I'm back in the books Bath time to Nite Nite is a little more enforced and Chunks seems to be picking up on when certain things should happen. I'm hoping he can keep this mindset of get the work done then chill out all you want, then college will be a breeze. Here's to wishful thinking.

Do you and your little one(s) have a daily routine you stick to? 

Show but Don't Tell


"Figuring out" whether or not Jessica Simpson, who is engaged to NFL pro Eric Johnson, is expecting the couple's first child has been the hot topic around here for a few days now. Many gossip columns aren't sure if she's just gained weight again of if in fact she expecting, either way Ms Simpson isn't saying a WORD! Some speculate that she's waiting for that $50,000 offer from one of the tabloid mags to reveal her "secret" but if that's the case she's def running out of time.

Talking to some of my friends today I found that a few of them kept their pregnancies a secret from family, friends, nosy neighbors, and co-workers for most of their pregnancies. I told close friends around the 3rd month and then my boss and co-workers but one friend said she waited as long as 6 1/2 months to reveal her pregnancy! Another said she didn't say anything until 5 months when she felt everything was ok, for religious beliefs.

So question for you, did you keep your pregnancy a secret or did you shout it from the mountain top (or start a blog) that you were expecting?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Re-Introducing the NYStateofMom

*Taps Mic, Clears Throat* Ummm Hello! 

Well it's taken me a while to get back to blogging because once again, LIFE HAPPENED. In the months between my last post and now ALOT has gone and a lot of which will change the content of this blog and I wanted to have a clear mind and understanding before picking up the laptop again so I'll try to quickly catch you all up and then move on to the fun of blogging again.

In a marriage it's a blessing to find that where you are weak your partner is strong and vice versa because having that special connection can make you feel like you can get through, do, and conquer anything. It is never healthy to become or need the other person to be a crutch because it doesn't allow for growth sodzz when the rough times come up everyone's real strength comes to the surface and you might find your team isn't as strong as you'd hope. The Mr decided one morning a few weeks before Father's Day that he could not handle the pressures/responsibility of being a husband and father and so without argument or explanation, left. In my search and worry all the explanations and weird behaviors, I won't get into here, brought me to the decision to call my marriage over. I have waited to have a breakdown, ugly face, cry it out session and it hasn't come yet, not even when our Anniversary and Chunk's 2nd Birthday came and went, so I'm just not looking for it to come anymore just the simplest divorce arrangement. I have a son to consider and raise and that has become my sole focus. I can honestly say, I'm in a good place right now, sad that I believe in marriage and worked so hard for mine and still had to call it a failure, but I know that I gave it my all and got a great son out of it.

Speaking of that great son of mine CHUNKS STARTED PRE-SCHOOL!! A little late because our target school actually lost funding from the city and wanted to charge us $1,300 a month! Yea 1,300 American dollars!! I actually considered biting the bullet and sending him there but then I realized, Chunks already knew his Alphabet and could count to 13 and that didn't cost me anything but my pride making up silly songs for him to catch onto, so that was a NO. Thankfully, after searching the neighborhood we found a great school with warm teachers who have really helped us all with the transition from no-daycare experience to a school setting (with homework to boot). They are much cheaper and focus on the child's development and education (science projects and all), we're both pretty happy so far. 

While Chunks got settled into school, I've decided that it was time for Mom to finally get back to developing her own life. So I'm studying for my MCATS again, pray for me yall, and really brushing up on evil courses Organic Chemistry. So between work, Chunks and pre-school, and studying again I've had my hands a little full. Thank you to everyone who checked up on my via the blog and Twitter I love the friends I've made through both and checked in on most sites during my time away. Can't wait to catch you guys on the adventures of the newly single, NYStateofMom and the super cute CHUNKS!!


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