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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Things got really real around here last week, sorry for my lack of posts. I try not blogging too much about what's happening with the Wasband because it really was something I tried to just block out of my daily thoughts, really. When something is stressful or negative in my life I tend to block it out and throw myself into my work and well now Chunks and work, and this is how I was dealing with all that.

I've got the travel bug again and started planning some getaways, with Chunks, some friends, and possibly a solo trip somewhere. My passport needs to be renewed and I was so excited to finally get Chunks one of his very own (why has it taken me so long I don't know) and then  I sat to fill out the application and my heart dropped. You now need the approval of BOTH parents to get a child a passport!!!

I was immediately annoyed, even though I could see why, with some trifling parents trying to steal kids away from the other to some foreign country but OMG WHY do I have to go through all this. The Wasband has been MIA since his disappearance back in June with a sporadic phone call here and there from unknown and varied numbers and I have to get HIS approval for MY son to travel?!?!?! Ugh! What else will I face this little nasty block with?

So I decided it was time to just settle everything once and for all and file for sole custody (since it's more immediate and less costly/complicated than divorce for me right now). The judge was not very understanding that I had no clue where to find Chunks's father and ordered me to have him served ASAP. I reached out to his sister and she, as always, was very supportive and said I could send the papers to her to have him served, and so I did. Then I get a random phone call saying he would not be signing anything because Chunks is still his son, yadda yadda yadda, bs bs bs. And so, my Co-Parenting/Divorce madness begins...

I've sent him a pretty diplomatic e-mail explaining that custody has nothing to do with paternal rights, even though in a way he gave that up too, and that it would only make legal what I'm already doing which is raising Chunks and giving him all the opportunities he needs. Why the fight now? It's in the Lord's hands and I guess soon the judge's but it's hard not to question how someone who took her time, followed all the steps to not have to go through this drama is STILL going through this drama.

Any tips on handling Co-Parenting while going through
a separation? Prayers please!


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