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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Your Child's Special Day a New Way with GoEnnounce

What could be a better combination for spreading good news?

With graduation and move-ups coming right around the corner I'm sure we're all starting to think about a special way to share our little one's achievements with loved ones. Enter Go Ennounce, a new and innovative way to share graduation ennouncements with friends and family through your very own custom web-site, a great idea started by two sisters and their mom.

Creating your child's own graduation page is so simple and easy, after you've signed up create a Facebook like page with the details about the big day, add a few pictures to make it just yours with a little about your child, pick out their gifts, and send your link out to as many addresses as you want. Your recipients get an email with a CONGRATULATE ME button and from there they link back to your child's very own Grad Page. One of the great things about this site is that from the Grad Page friends can create and send Congratulations e-cards and monetary gift cards right on the spot! In proper form, once you're child has received his Congrats and gifts he can send fabulous Thank You e-cards to his well wishers from his site too. SWEET!

No stamps, no longs lines at the post office, no rushing to get late invitations out, no waste of paper. Simple, easy, fast, and FREE! Go Ennounce saves you time and money and gives you a chance to share just a few more minutes gushing over your little graduate!


Thanks to Caitlyn of Becoming Brooklyn for sending them my way! Stop by and fall in love with the unique side of Brooklyn.


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