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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Vision for Future Me

Let me start of by saying, where I am today, in 25 year old stage is NOT where I saw me when I made my 10 year plan at 15. No sir, no ma'am! I'm pretty damn far and sometimes get a little pissed off or depressed about it. Now I know that my 15 year old self could not even imagine some of the things I saw along the way but my 25 year old self is cussing her out for some of the things/people she allowed to throw her off course...Let me NOT even preach that sermon right now.

Here's what my checklist looked like for the 25 year old Candace.
You're a grown woman now! Grown because you own your own home, drive that dream car, make your own money, all while serving God! HA! well I make my own money...
Every week you and all 6 of your closest friends have Happy Hour and shop! I don't even talk to HALF of the chicks I used to hang with and those that I do would probably laugh at me so hard if they read this today lol 
You graduated in the top 10 of your undergrad class and went on straight to Med-School at the glorious Johns Hopkins University. That rejection letter hurt more than anything in this world!!! But I graduated top 20 ::shrug::
Since you already knew you'd do Gastroenterology, you mastered all required courses and aced your rotations. ::sigh:: But silly 15 yr old, you wouldn't even be on rotations this early lol see what we grow to learn smh.
You waited to get engaged to your college sweetheart and during your last bit of rotations finally set a date and are planning the best party wedding ever. Yeah, no sure didn't...
I'm thinking of my birthday that's coming up in a month and while I'm getting excited about it (something I never do) I want to write a new checklist for my 30 year old self, a checklist of this post and stick to it. They say your 20s are your learning process and I think I've gone through my share of learning AND process so I think I'm ready to set some realistic goals for myself and this family.

What are some dreams/goals/expectations you had for your self when you planned out your future? Do you have any now for your future you?


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