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Friday, February 25, 2011

Random Ramblings

I've been on a mini-vaca all week before I start my new job and classes. Oh, I spread the word on twitter but I might've missed telling you guys here I GOT A NEW JOB!!! No more night shift HALLELU!!! So I promptly turned in my two weeks notice at the prison and took this week off to change my sleep pattern and spend time with my Chunks. I didn't get the sleep thing until maybe Wednesday and with the crappy weather going on in NYC right now we've just stayed close to home for the most part (read: BORING!) and I can see it starting to get to Chunks more and more lol poor thing. Hopefully this weekend we'll be able to get out and do some more fun things before my new shift starts and I'm gone all day :-? (bittersweet)

Marriage is hard work! A 20-something marriage is HARD WORK! I don't care how "mature" you are in the beginning of the relationship if one (or both) are not where they're supposed to be in life and don't know how to deal, which many 20-somethings are, it takes  a toll on the relationship. I've found that even when you've been dating for a while and even living together it's just NOT the same as going through it as man and wife. Everyday I add more and more to my list of Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me list, for example: While a female my transparently jump from idea to idea and mood to mood and get the title "Moody" or "Flighty" a man's mind, behind the depths of machismo is so much more unstable and it's not just my Mr but some men I've actually looked up to. Lord, allow me to balance out Chunks's mind, his wife doesn't need that.

I have so many ideas for this blog and what I'd like to do with it (changing it is at the top of my list) but a part of me feels like I haven't put in enough time or been to enough blogger events to try to execute some of them. Some bloggers have put in years of work and then here comes this newbie trying to shake things up lol. Well not really put you get it...I really wish I had the thought to start this blog while I was pregnant but we'll see where these toddler stages take us.

Speaking of toddlers, Chunks has gotten so much better with the potty and I want to credit it to my being able to work with him fully rested all day. The Mr thinks its taking to long since I cancelled out his idea to have Chunks sit on the potty all day and not move anywhere, yea. He's got it that when he has to PeePee and 2 he's to go to the potty and sit, now we're working on him getting his pants down before he goes lol. That's my baby!

And speaking of babies! Two family members, one being my mom (which makes this scarier), called me to tell me they dreamed that I was either having a baby or had another one and then other night I dreamt that I was changing a little girl's diaper OMG. Now what makes my mom's dream scary is if my mother has a dream about you TRUST it WILL happen. I'm not making this up, all my life if she's dreamed of someone getting sick or dying look for someone close to them or that same person to pass, if she's dreamt that you were rubbing you belly Go Pee On A Stick QUICK! I'm not really worried but it's put a little fear in me lol I def want more children but I need to finish this degree first and then we're cool.

Well, enough of my rambling, I have a book I need to finish before this weekend so I can start another. How was your week? What do you think about dreams and their meanings?


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