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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Why a Boo-Boo Made Me Proud

As a new mom I remember another mom telling me not to flinch when Chunks fell because if it's just a little fall, my flinch will make him believe it's the end of the world and I think that had to be the best piece of parenting advice I'd ever been given because to know my child is to know DRAMA! I quickly learned that if I reacted to any little thing, child bones were falling off and someone was going to die quick!

I would watch him take a spill and decided early that if it wasn't a hard fall, meaning blood and bad scrapes, I would let him get himself up, brush it off, and keep on having fun. No need crying if it isn't that bad, right? I would tell him "You're ok" or "Ahh it wasn't so bad" and we'd get on with life, little did I know this "life lesson" would be tossed back at me after coming home and finding...


Ok, after I took a few breaths and brought it down a few Chunks told me he took a spill on the playground. After a few "Oh My God, lemme see!" I asked what happened and my scaredy cat son told me he tried to jump off the monkey bars, part me was still shocked but that was quickly getting swept away by the thought that he went on the monkey bars!

Did I mention he's a scaredy cat??? lol MAJOR accomplishment!

So I made the rest of the conversation about that and how proud I was that he tried something that used to scare him, how that was his "big boy" coming out and I watched as he stood a little straighter and then told me "Mommy, it wasn't so bad, I didn't get dead" and hit me with the Kanye shrug and went back to his Dino Netflix stream.

Roll with the punches kid, we roll with the punches.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Weekend In the Life

It was warm, it was sunny, it was windy, it was rainy. It was one of the Fall days that New York goes through right before Old Man Winter takes over where it's unseasonably warm to start and then ended up with wrap up in a cozy blanket and stay in with Netflix kind of chill, so let's start from the beginning of what we got into this weekend!

 *Stealing a quiet moment before the boss wakes up...

Then we headed to the city for a museum day at the Whitney, Jeff Koons's exhibit was so fun and cool, just FYI parents: avoid the 3rd floor with the little ones, things get a little X-rated.

We made one stop to the mad house that is Dylan's Candy Bar and headed back to Brooklyn.

 Ahhhh, Sunday

Wind and rain be damned, laundry and grocery shopping still needs to get done, so off we go! 

We met up with an old friend of mine and her son for some Chuckie Cheese fun...

Then back home to get ready to start another week. Can't believe it's hump day already but I'm glad Friday is so near. What weekend plans do you have? We haven't even been to a pumpkin patch yet, hmmm...

Monday, October 20, 2014

A Night That Inspired with C.O.O.K.I.E. Cocktails and ChicBusyMom

Moderator Renae Bluitt and Mommy Blogger Candace Montgomery
via The CookieLife
There's something about being in the presence of creatives that gets your own creative juices flowing, pair that with some ambitious and fierce women and you have the power to run the WORLD! Last Thursday a gorgeous room of female entrepreneurs got together at the newly improved 40/40 Club in the Flatiron District to brainstorm and get tips on ways to get your brand out of your head and into existence SERVING. 

The night's open forum was moderated by the fab Renae Bluitt of In Her Shoes who interviewed one of my favorite mommy bloggers (and namesake ;-)) Candace Montgomery of ChicBusyMom. On top of being a mommy blogger, Candace is of course a mom of 3, a wife, AND the Event Marketing Director of ESSENCE Magazine, you might remember my time with the ESSENCEMoms group a little while back. The night was filled with gems on how to manage life and get your business and brand off the ground.

The one thing that stuck out for me was Candace's first response to Renae's question of how exactly does she balance it all to which she responded, 
"There is no balance!" 
THANK YOU!! You know how long it took me to be ok with not having everything 100% perfect?? So to hear that I'm not alone in this thought is so freeing. The gem in this was her advice, wherever you are give 110% because something is always going to feel cheated. 

The other million dollar piece of advice she gave was to have a plan. Make a 6 month plan for your blog, your business, your brand and as you go check back in with this plan and make sure you're doing what you said you would do and you are where you wanted to be. Candace advised us to own the voice of our blogs and treat them all like a business because there is a lane for all of us who give this thing our full 100%.

I am guilty of not having much a long term plan for this blog of mine more treating it as a way to chronicle raising this son of mine but more and more I am learning that the stories I share as his mom, raising a son in Brooklyn, in my hometown, doing this work on my own, while still living my own dreams out is meaningful and somewhat encouraging and has built relationships on and offline, so there is value in this space. This night helped me see it by one: surrounding myself with the creatives in the room from the fitness blogger, to the fashionistas, to the mommy bloggers and soaking up that energy and then hearing from some bloggers that they've followed me for a while and are loving hearing about what's going on with Chunks and me. So it's time to put pen to paper and consider the end game: Where exactly is New York State of Mom going?

I'm grateful for the night with ladies and all the encouragement and good vibes that filled that room. It really was a great night!

 Do you have a long term goal for you blog? What steps do you use to make sure you're staying on track with those goals?

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Project 52FIVE

You can't hear it but it's the face of a ROAR! To say he's a bit dinosaur obsessed is a COMPLETE understatement lol 

Everyone he meets gets a lesson on the latest dinosaur discovery and his favorite changes every week. 

This week it's the Spinosaurus! Thank God, you know how embarrassing it is to have your 5 year old breeze through some of those names while you fumble all over them, yea VERY!

Happy Saturday! 


If you know anything about me you know I have a SERIOUS love for my borough. My family always laughs when I'm asked where I'm from and I never say New York- I'm from Brooklyn! The culture, the grit, the homey feeling, the vibe, the food, and just everything about anyone who grew up here-good and bad. I'm planning out a gallery wall and was searching for a print that represented NY just right but then found a really cute project on one of my favorite photographer's blog and knew I'd have to do it for Brooklyn.

I loved the idea of using glittery paper but I'm not too much of a gold girl so I headed to Michael's and found this gorgeous bluish-silver glitter scrapbook paper and a shadow box to frame it all in. So the supplies you would need are: a frame that best fits your space, a background form (you can easily use a 12 x 12 scrapbook paper or in my case the backing of the frame), a sheet of glitter paper, an outline of your hometown, cute pins, a pencil, a pair of scissors, and tacky glue.

So first thing, I just googled <> and just printed it out and cut the shape on regular printer paper. When the outline was just right, I traced it on the back of the glitter paper and took my time cutting that out next.

::MOM NOTE:: I loved that the outline I found was a breakdown of all of Brooklyn's neighborhoods so I could show Chunks where ours was and point out where we've been and where some of our friends live on a mini map, I think I might do something else with it for his space.

I found these amazing jeweled push pins on Etsy a while back when I made a cork-board for my desk and thought they would fit this project perfectly because a) they're my favorite color, b) now that I had a shadow box the 3-D effect would pop even better! WIN! :-) We used the map to find our neighborhood and the pin marks the spot.

I used the tacky glue to stick it all on the frame's backboard, once that is dry I popped it in the frame and I have to say I LOVE it! Whenever we move I can see adding smaller pins to mark it too, but since this is the neighborhood I grew up in and Chunks is getting his start as a Brooklyn boy here it's our home base.

Now to search Pinterest for a layout I'll love.

Monday, September 29, 2014


LOVING: Sooooo did y'all catch Shonda-day?!? Greys, Scandal, AND How to Get Away with Murder are ALL hits! and now Thursdays seem to far away. Shonda had a dream of taking over tv and she is doing a great job at making it happen and making it EPIC! Love it!

WORKING ON: Chunks's penmanship. So far so good in the first grade but his writing can use so work and some straightening lol something about keeping those letters on the line is just so hard for the kid. Anyway, his teacher wants him to be able to write at the pace of the other kids, so I've printed out some handwriting worksheets and we're working on it. Any tips are greatly appreciated!

LISTENING TO: I think I've told y'all already, EVERY major milestone in my adult life had a Jay Z soundtrack (weird I know) and I've been working really hard and watching Jay and Bey perform this on tour made me fall in love with Young Forever all over again.

WANTING: Ok my photog friends, DON'T READ THIS ONE! I don't have a real camera bag, yet. ::covers face:: When I take Cease out and about he's either around my neck or ::gasp:: wrapped in my bag. I know, I know, I know. I'm very protective of all that expensive glass so HOW could I just be tossing him in my Neverful?? I've been debating between two Kelly Moore bags and I finally picked one.

WORKING ON: A photo wall. I have this bare wall in my room that bugs me. I feel like some of my favorite shots belong on display, now to pick some chic frames and layout I'm not going to be sick of in a few months.

Have a HAPPY MONDAY! Here's to a quick week and another great Thursday~

Sunday, September 21, 2014

It Was All A Dream...Stream of Consciousness

Last night I met my daughter...

She has my eyes and Chunks' smile.
She's happy and adventurous.
She's daring and KNOWS she's got it, with her hands up enjoying the ride.
Despite all my fears of having a little girl and us repeating some of the mother daughter flaws in my family,  I am wild about her, she knows it, and loves me right back.
She looks for me and I'm always, "Right here, Baby!!"
Her laugh is infectious and her giggle makes an overcast day BRIGHT to me.
I'm her cheerleader in the biggest and smallest things and she is the twinkle in my eye.
We have fun, just she and I in this big city and that's ok with both of us.

I had the same kind of dream about 4-5 years before I had Chunks, before I even knew his dad. So I wonder, when will I hold my little girl.

Whenever that is, I LOVE YOU already.

Forever and More,


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