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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

H&M Kids Celebrates Spring

All throughout undergrad H&M was a staple in my wardrobe. Affordable AND cute outfits on an undergrad budget was a lifesaver so I was beyond excited to learn that H&M had developed a line that I could style Chunks in with the same in mind. Jeans and t-shirts stylish enough for a  city kid yet durable for the rough play of boys with a cringe-less pice tag, H&M is a family life saver!

I was pumped when I was invited to a preview of their new spring collection at the new Times Square flagship store, just in time to clear out the heavy sweaters of this never ending winter and stock up on some chic Spring wear. Guests and mini VIPS enjoyed mini bites and a fun dance party to kick off the launch all while surrounded by the coolest picks of the season.

Prints, patterns, breathable fabrics describe this new Spring collection with the coolest selections in accessories and shoes.

While I'm a little biased in my shopping eye, there were some really cute dresses I could definitely see my niece in!

I'm happy to say H&M has once made themselves a constant in mine and Chunks wardrobe, now if only Mother Nature could catch up with our new styles. Thanks to the ever chic Stroller In the City for hosting such a fun event.

The styles I mentioned and more can be viewed over at their site now.

Have you started warm weather shopping yet? What's on your must have list?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Life... pretty Boring. lol

I keep saying I need to sit down to blog but whenever I do I stop and think, what will I write about? WHO CARES? We haven't been sitting on our hands over here, far from it, just nothing too exciting. I've been on med school interviews and this is major for me because the 1st time I only went on ONE. I've been focused on how to pay for it all and what the next step for Chunks in all this madness will be. I've also been shadowing to get my patient hours up so I'm working, feeding, over seeing homework, interviewing, shadowing, and REPEAT with a few showers in between.


Chunks is going to be 5 this year! FIVE! WHAT?!? This is the time I start thinking about what do for his birthday and after his anti-social antics at his 3rd birthday party I decided not to do anymore parties but just do something together so last year we did Disney and that was a huge success that he still talks about!

What's better to the Cars obsessed than spending their entire birthday in Radiator Springs??

I really want to take him to Sea World this year but don't want to give Florida any business (still feeling the sting of the Trayvon Martin case) but not sure where we'll be come August I don't want to plan for California either ::sigh:: I'll figure it out.

Lately, he's become more and more dinosaur obsessed and is asking for a Dino party in the backyard o_O but he's so sometimey when it comes to people lol.

Dating Life
Has been interesting...for the most part it's been narrowed down to Shoulders. I've always said that I don't regret meeting and dating the Wasband because he showed me how it felt to be truly romanced and adored, I just shouldn't have married him lol, but there were some major things missing in that relationship. In this "relationship" there's romance and more but I'm still working out some of my stuff so it hasn't grown too much, rushing was another issue in my past relationship, but I'm enjoying being open to One on One fun again. I didn't enjoy dating life like I thought I would because I really have "Cornballs Apply Here" written on my forehead! Men over 30 shouldn't BE this corny! lol like "I lost my number, could I get yours?" as an opening or paying for a first date with a Groupon?!? Ugh that's a post all in itself smh! There's a reason why I've always been a relationship girl.

I'm stopping by all your blogs this week, I've got a lot of catching up to do.

Have you guys started planning your summer vacas yet? 

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Two Voices of a Single Mom

When Chunks was born, I'll be honest there was no immediate connection and heavenly love that everyone raves about. Truth be told I didn't see Chunks for 7 hours AFTER he was born due to a rushed visit to the OR for stitches post delivery because neither the doctor or nurse believed me when I said I was ready to push which resulted in me ignoring them, bearing down and pushing, subsequently tearing the purse a bit but ::SIGH:: I digress...Anyway, once I was brought my son in my room it was all I kept saying.


I was nervous and not sure of what I was doing but he was all I could focus on. The smell. His skin. Those tiny fingers and ten toes that were just so perfect. We spent a few hours with me just staring at him and him getting adjusted to being in my arms, the lactation specialist was no help in getting him to latch or getting me comfortable with breastfeeding but once she and the Wasband left the room we found our way and soon the bond form and I found my voice. I was Mommy.  I was unsure of what our next few days would be like but I felt sure about taking care of MY SON. I used soft tones, made up silly songs, taught him how to soothe himself, how to eat solids, and walk and we got along great. And then, the Wasband left and enters...


The one thing I feared about raising a man by myself was that I knew nothing about being a man. WHAT would I be able to teach him about manhood? Thankfully, I was a true tomboy up until senior year of high school (playing football in the street and all!) so I'm not a prissy mom who can't get rough with 'em but Chunks is a true Leo: dramatic and expressive. He has a lot of my traits like being his #1 critic and preferring  to learn on his own than struggle in front of others. He cries over failures and beats himself up on any and all fumbles. From day one I decided not to baby him, when he fell in the playground if there wasn't any blood or head trauma he was supposed to pick himself up and go on having fun. My thought behind this, someone won't always be there who cares about your tears so if it's not necessary spare yourself the stress, dust yourself off, and HAVE FUN! A few weeks ago, we were studying his spelling words and he stumbled over the word "there" to which he started the tears and meltdown and I snapped "This is NOT OK! You cannot give up because you got something wrong. You're wasting time!" lol WHO WAS I TALKING TO? Thinking this is how a MAN would handle it but I got it all wrong because I was frustrated and Chunks didn't feel any better, all he knew was that he got the word wrong and now Mommy was mad. Thankfully, I got the chance to get it right with this week's spelling words, he forgot the "e" in the word house and started to get upset and I could see the tears forming. I stopped it before it could spill and redirected "Nah, you're not going to cry over that, try it again" (that's my man talk, you see that strong "nah"?) He tried it again and then we used it in a sentence and the angst and tears were long gone. It worked! I don't have to be a man to instill a strong self esteem and willpower.

In getting my family on board with supporting the way I raise Chunks (in not babying him) I often explain I have to be Mommy and Half-Daddy, the hugger and pusher, the one that makes him waltz with me and the same one to teach how to properly throw a ball (he didn't get my arm smh), I will kiss him a million times, pick him up and swing him around, but I have to be the same one to teach him not to sweat the small stuff or always look for someone to validate him but to trust he can do his thing. Mastering these two voices is a learning experience, sometimes I get it right sometimes I straight mess it up lol but my hope is when he looks back on what Mommy taught him he sees the strengthening of his backbone covered in hugs and kisses.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Why Are We Banning the word Bossy?

Ok so I might lose my Fem card for this but I was confused by this new movement. I understand wanting to continue empowering women and little girls to speak up and not be apologetic about their stance on things however, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has encountered someone who was flat out BOSSY!!

Since childhood, there was always that one pushy nuisance who had to be in charge and have things done their way (male or female), who pushed their views on people, and made their way THE way. I hate those people! And to be honest, I'm not going to stop calling these people out because it's an annoying personality to have. I DO NOT advise my brothers to date bossy women and would NOT like for Chunks to grow up to marry one either. I have had my share of overbearing/pushy bosses (male and female) that had to be reminded that I was not their child but an equipped professional who can handle their job. I have never been one to be bossed around, because if it doesn't make sense to me I'M NOT DOING IT! Point Blank and the Period!

Women should be able to be free to be themselves, have their opinions, and make their voice heard when necessary, little girls should be encouraged stand up and take leadership because YOU CAN, it is in this respect I support the movement, but I'm not excusing the BOSSY ones because of this campaign. It's opening the floodgates for mess lol. Men should be able to be authoritative and voice how they view a matter but you, sir, will  NOT push anything down my throat.

Male or Female the word still stands. I don't want to raise a bossy brat that grows into an incorrigible jerk so when the shoe fits, Ma'am, Sir, YOU'RE BOSSY!

But I do think the promo video is nice!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

My 5 Year NYC Anniversary

I'm Brooklyn born and raised but I spent 7 years living in Philadelphia. I studied BioChem at Drexel University, met, fell in love, and married the Wasband, and in August 2009 Chunks was born and this was when I knew it was finally time to leave. I hated Philly, but for my marriage I stayed and supported the "dreams" we were working on.

Do you believe in signs? I sure do...NOW!

For 2 years I was working 3...yes THREE...part time jobs trying to make ends meet while the Wasband finished school. One day I finally got an interview for a hospital I had been wanting to work in since I got to Philly, I was so excited, and about 5 months pregnant! The interview went great and when he walked me to the elevators the supervisor basically told me I had the job, things are looking up, right? WRONG! A few weeks later HR called and said they went with another candidate who had filled in as a temp before and since they needed coverage badly it would take less time to train her on the benches since she was used to it already but they wanted to bring me on as, surprise, a part time tech just in case something opened up. ::SIGH:: 
Anyway, I take the slot and start training...long story short within 2 months of being there I was training the former temp they hired in my place! The supervisor and lead were so apologetic and regretted their decision but by this time I realized, Candace you're not supposed to be here! Then a scandal broke that Philly teachers were passing kids who could barely read! TIME TO GO!

By faith I put my resumes out to laboratories in NYC and shortly I was on the road back to my city for interviews. The week of Christmas 2009 I signed my first contract and happily let my landlord know I would not be renewing my lease. March 1, 2009 we moved back to Brooklyn and it has been the best decision EVER! 

Things haven't always been pretty and we're not even the same unit that moved here but we're SOLID! My debt is lower, I've gone after my dream stronger and things are looking pretty good there, Chunks is growing and thriving, and getting everything I wanted him to out of growing up in New York, some family ties that were strained have been repaired and restored, my support system is TRUE, and I'm tired but I have real joy!

When I think back to Philly it's not a lot of happy thoughts but I see it as my growing period (because I was a mess out there lol) and try not to regret it to much. When I think of the past 5 years I can only say "Wow" and I am truly AMAZED at the progress, growths, and changes that happened here. I'm in my element and I can't wait to see what else my first love has in store for Chunks and me. 
Happy Anniversary NYC here's to many more!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Top 5 Reasons to See Dreamworks Animation Mr. Peabody and Sherman Movie

Disclaimer: A few weeks ago, I attended the #MrPeabodyEvent, an advance screening of Dreamworks Mr. Peabody and Sherman with other New York parenting bloggers, all opinions are my own, of course!

Connect with Mr. Peabody Online!

Visit the official website

TRUTH: My inner child really loves a great cartoon!

Some of my favorite childhood memories include Saturday mornings with my brother building  our "fort" in our room (you know, the take the sheets off the bed and tie them to anything high enough to feel like a tent, but pray your mom didn't kill you for it, kind of fort lol) and spend the rest of the day watching Saturday morning cartoons. My brother LOVED Rocky and Bullwinkle and during the series there was a segment called Peabody's Improbable History, which was an educational moment that was fun enough to never feel like you were in school, but I couldn't remember anything about. So, when I was invited to a press screening I was excited to relive it all over again and it quickly won me over!

Here are my top 5 reasons why you and the entire family should definitely see it when comes to theaters March 7th!


In their time travel adventure Mr. Peabody and his son Sherman takes us on a ride through ancient history, giving a quick and fun lesson to the kids while clearing up some misbeliefs long held by the adults. Really, a lot of us in the room were amazed at some of the lessons we re-learned!


He graduated "valedogtorian" of his class, he developed new resources for alternative energy, he is the mastermind behind current innovations such as the fist bump and Zumba!, he is an acclaimed scientist, mixologist AND chef! So what is the hardest thing for Mr. Peabody to master??? Being a Parent! Sound familiar? 


Director, Rob Minkoff (The Lion King) too the helm of this project and along with Modern Family's Ty Burrell, as the voice of Mr. Peabody, used their experiences as fathers to mold the conflicted character of Mr. Peabody who goes from mastering molecular equilibrium to learning how to figure out fatherhood. From our roundtable discussion after the screening, Burrell shared "...I'm an adoptive parent. I love the idea, the universal idea that love is love". The adorable voices of Sherman and his classmate Penny are played by the Neighbor's Max Charles and Modern Family's Ariel Winter. Penny serves as the outside influence that showcases how all our parenting and sage advice is challenged once you child has to go out into the world (school).


Parenting reminders were all over this film! The sins of the father are a burden to the child not taught to appreciate his history. From the beginning of the storyline Sherman is entering the world of elementary school and has to deal with the acceptance of his non-traditional family make up which is a lesson he learns throughout the plot. It reminds us that no matter what our family looks like if it is a source of love and support that is in and of itself more than enough to be proud of. One point that stood out to me was the importance of what we speak over our children and how we make them feel about themselves which was Mr. Peabody's biggest lesson.


The animation and graphics of this movie are SUPERB!! From the ancient days of King Tut in ancient Egypt, to the French Revolution, and the prototypes of Leonardo Di Vinci come to life in the most vivid scenes! I was captivated by the how crisp and clear everything appeared and to see this film in 3D is an experience!

Check out the official trailer of the adventures of a dog and his boy and see why your whole family will fall in love with Mr. Peabody and Sherman in theatres March 7th!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up-Ringling Brother's and Barnum and Bailey Presents Legend at Brooklyn's Barclay's Center

Lord, I never thought I would say it but this weekend I and the rest of NYC were too excited about a 50* day! It felt like Spring to us after all this 20* weather here in Brooklyn so bright and early on Saturday morning we did some laundry and were out the door to enjoy the weekend.

Disclaimer: I received tickets to see Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents Legends in exchange for this review. The opinions, as always are mine.

First stop for us was downtown to our beloved Barclays Center for the new Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey feature show Legends! We loved it last year and couldn't wait to see the new acts added.

The brand new show will be in town until March 23, 2014 with shows at Barclays Center from now to March 2nd then on to the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island from March 5-10th, across the bridge to the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ from March 13-16 and then finally ending at the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, NJ from March 19-23rd. Chunks was captivated the entire time, especially seeing the lion and tigers. I personally loved all the acrobatic acts, you would believe some of the death defying stunts that are pulled off in this showcase! So if Ringling Bros will be anywhere near you, get everyone together and check it out! It's definitely a show that the little ones will enjoy! New this year is the exclusive RINGMASTER’S ZONE!which give an exciting behind the scenes look at The Greatest Show on Earth! During this time families will be treated like a circus star and meet the stars of the who AND get a special family photo on the Ringling Red Carpet with one of the stars.Tickets are limited to only 100 per show and can be combined with any seat level experience. 

Later we headed to a Princess and Knights themed birthday party and caught up with some friends we haven't seen in a bit. Sunday was a blur of boring, the usual chores and shopping. My own birthday is coming up and I think I actually have plans! My birthday just so happens to fall around this weird limbo period where people are still recovering from Christmas and haven't gotten their tax return yet lol so it's normally pretty quiet but this time might be a little more fun! 

HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE! What did you get into this weekend?


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